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Psoriasis; Skin lesion; List of cutaneous conditions; Treatment: Procedures; Drugs disinfectants; emollients and protectives; itch; psoriasis; other; Dermalex offers clinically proven and steroid (cortisone) free self-treatments for eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, that assist in actively repairing the skin's natural barrier and protecting against future flare-ups for long-term relief. It happens only on my hands and only when sun rays fall on my hands. Traiter son psoriasis du cuir chevelu, une ncessit pour mieux le contrler. It's so much better than the over the counter products offering eczema treatment that I had tried (which actually ended up drying my skin even more) as well as a prescription cream that my Dermatitis is inflammation of the Human skin (i.e. The effect of olive oil polyphenols on antibodies against oxidized LDL. burgdorferi) that can cause Lyme disease. Plant-Based Nutrition. Eczema as a condition causes the skin to become very dry, and also causes it to itch.