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Talking to new people can lead to making new connections and learning interesting things, and simply makes both you and the person you free naked sex chat with happier. Yet many of us have a very difficult time striking up a conversation with strangers. Why is this?

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My guest today vudeo chat done studies to find out. Show Highlights Why are people uncomfortable talking with strangers?

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Why to keep giving random conversations a try, even if most are merely okay The benefits of small talk So how do you get started in this endeavor of talking with strangers? Listen to the episode on a separate. Download this episode. Subscribe to the podcast in the media player of your corpus christi chat lines numbers free trial. Recorded on ClearCast.

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The Jordan Harbinger Show. Episode with behavior profiler Chase Hughes is especially impactful.

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Talking to talk to s people can lead to making new connections and learning interesting things and simply internet chat room both you and the person you talk with happier, yet many of us have a very difficult time striking up conversation with strangers. Today, we dig into common barriers to talking to new urna chat, including the liking gap where we believe people find us less interesting than they really do.

All right, Gillian Sandstrom, welcome to the show. Sandstrom : Thanks for having me.

How to talk to strangers

How did that happen? And I cooking chat, okay, is this just me or is this actually a thing? My mom too, but especially my dad. He seems to have a compulsion and he just loves it. He just loves talking to people and learning about them and it seems talk to s easy to him. And so that was sort of an inspiration pakistani girl free chat room well.

Brett McKay : Research. Brett McKay : Yeah, I know.

How it works.

Sandstrom : Yeah, Sex chat lafayette louisiana ga think people are uncomfortable with a lot of different things. And so part of it might just be sort of evolutionarily speaking, people had to worry about other people and talk to s are other people gonna hurt me. We also have this talk to s of fundamental need to belong. It really mattered if we were sort of kicked out of our group thousands of years ago. That basically meant you were gonna die. So, you cannot … Chat line for sex arkansas need to belong.

And so I think we still fear rejection from other people. I think the next thought is, are you a weirdo? Brett McKay : Right. Sandstrom : And, yeah. People endorse all sorts of reasons that I present to them. So, people are worried about what they might do during a conversation. People are worried about what the other person might do. So, worried about being bored or uncomfortable or just not being understood.

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fakku chat Might just be talk png of awkward small talk, which a lot of us really hate. So, we have all these thoughts going through our head that just sort of turn it into this giant buzz of confusion.

And you also talked about in your research too that, you mentioned right there the whole stranger danger, right? Sandstrom : Yeah.

Meet strangers with your interests!

I mean different cultures have different norms and even within the same culture, different places or situations have different hilarious group chat names, right? So, apparently everybody in Ireland talks to each other. So, yeah. That would not, yeah. Some people might not wanna do that. And are more introverted people less likely to talk to strangers?

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Sandstrom : Good free chat xxxn. I always find that one hard because extroversion is tricky. I enjoy talking to strangers. So, am I extroverted? But I think a lot of people are afraid of talking to strangers, even some extroverts.

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Brett McKay : Gotcha. You sound like an ambivert? Sandstrom : I guess. That sounds about right. Brett McKay : So, what does the research say? Sandstrom : It is not.

Talk on the phone with someone else stuck at home.

But I stop them nevertheless and then I ask them again sort of how did it go? How interesting did your partner turn out to be? And my collaborators and I have cool teen chat that this effect lasts chat room best free really long time.

So, in my dirty talking babes with this workshop, it was a quick conversation before and after, but we also measured it in longer conversations and even with roommates getting to know each other over the course of several months.

So even after several months have elapsed, people talk to s tend to underestimate how interesting their partner thinks they are. And this is probably because we just have a really negative voice in our head. Maybe they took that wrong. I want this to be a good time. I think everybody would benefit if they thought of it that way. Sandstrom : I think we have free phone numbers for local chat lines get out talk to s that negative … Get out of our own he and think about the other person and that would make things go a lot more smoothly.

Brett McKay : Yeah. Sandstrom : Yes. Brett McKay : They done that study where they made people wear dumb shirts and they … Sandstrom : Oh yeah, the spotlight effect. Brett McKay : The spotlight effect. Brett McKay : It seems like this is the spotlight effect going on a little bit.

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But one thing I just wanna point out is going public chats … The conversation going poorly is sort of relative, right? Do you like movies?

Brett McKay : I love movies.

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Are they all awesome? Sandstrom : No, right? I think conversations with strangers are a little bit like that. And I think even the not special ones, the ones that are just sort of average still remind us that we can talk to people and sort of in aggregate makes tamil girls chat online feel more connected to other people. So, even if the individual conversation is nothing special, the fact that you were able fordsville ky sex chat talk to s it and have it go okay, is a good.

Talking to strangers, small talk. What are the benefits of that? What are the benefits of feeling connected by talking with strangers?

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Sandstrom : Sort of free chat hookups like the feeling connected is benefit in itself, but I imagine that it probably makes us feel a little more trust towards other people. That in itself just makes me feel good. But yeah.

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People told us they learned stuff. So, someone said, hey, I talked to the barista and they … I asked them if they had a drink recommendation talk and chat I tried something new.

Podcast # why you should talk to strangers

And I think they mentioned how surprising it was. They were surprised at how friendly people were when you made the effort to approach sex chat xxx and start a conversation. And I think a little surprise and a little novelty and uncertainty, just a little, kind of makes a difference in our day.

Brett McKay : No, definitely.